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"Megan Deliberto gives the reader happy images of friendship, joy, and Bruno's gratitude for Anthony's efforts. It conveys the themes of friendship, emotion, and gratitude. Bruno’s best birthday is an enjoyable read for kids and adults alike; it reminds us of the power of true relationships and the joy of being with someone special on their birthday." Haiqa Munir, Reader's Favorite


Everyone has a birthday that deserves celebrating, but how do you throw a birthday party for a polar bear? 


Bruno's birthday is coming, and his best friend, Anthony, wants nothing more than to make his day extra special. He plans a party with friends, treats, and gifts. There is just one problem-no one except Anthony has ever figured out how to get into the polar bear exhibit. 


How can a little lizard organize a polar bear-sized party? 

Will Anthony find a way to make this the best birthday for Bruno? 


In this fun and engaging story, Anthony and Bruno are joined by friends from around the zoo in a tale of friendship, determination, and finding out what truly matters. 


Recipient of the Readers' Favorite 5-star seal! 

Bruno's Best Birthday

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$15.00Sale Price
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